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These videos are NOT a replacement for coming to class. Martial arts can not be learned in the vacuum of a video. You need partners and instructors. These videos are to help you practice, not replace coming to class.

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best martial arts school in forest, va

Martial Arts Teachers’ Association’s 2018 Instructor of the Year.

Watch this video and learn everything you need to know to decide if Blue Ridge Martial Arts is a good fit for you.

  • Learn what you need to make an educated decision about joining our academy. 
  • You’ll learn what we teach and why.
  • Learn the difference between evidence-based self-defense vs theory-based.
  • BONUS: Preview our Virtual Instructional Lessons so you can always practice.
lynchburg living award for best self defense school

Lynchburg Living’s 2022 Gold Award Winner for 
Best Self-Defense Class.

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Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy

14805 Forest Rd, Suite 223
Forest, VA 24551

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