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Take a quick tour of our Blue Ridge Martial Arts School in Forest, VA where we also teach COBRA-Defense

This 2-minute video shows how Blue Ridge Martial Arts in Forest, VA is different from most martial arts schools.

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EMPOWER KICKBOXING‚ĄĘ has one of the most innovative martial arts programs ever.

While we maintain the important qualities of self-discipline, focus, and respect, we have reimagined the martial arts curriculum to be a perfect fit for the needs, interests, and goals of today’s student.

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Martial Arts

We focus only on the proven martial arts skills that are easiest to master from all of the major systems, not just one style.

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Though our foundation is American Kickboxing, we also teach Savate, Muay Thai and other effective kickboxing skills.

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Self Defense

Unlike martial arts theory-based self-defense, we teach evidence-based self-defense from law-enforcement training.

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Learning a weapon increases a students’ coordination and dexterity. We use the Rubber Nunchucks for safety.

What you get in our classes

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Learn Faster

The most effective martial arts skills are the most basic. We help you master the basics quickly without the complexity, ritual, or padded curriculum in traditional martial arts.

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Get in Shape Faster

Each class has strength, flexibility, and conditioning segments to make sure you’re improving your fitness level.

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Learn ONLY What Works

We teach only what has proven to work in self-defense and sport martial arts. We do NOT teach traditional KATA and basics because they are performance-oriented, not reality-based.

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Martial Arts Life Skills

We help shape the lives of students from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect, and perseverance through martial arts.



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“I took tae kwon do in college, but this is a whole new world. The class structure is similar but the content is totally different. This is far more practical and easy to learn than the forms we had to do. I love it!”

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Patricia James

“At first I joined just for the self-defense class, but once I got going I really liked all of the different areas. It’s a great workout and energetic atmosphere that’s really motivating for me.”

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