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Who said learning martial arts
has to be hard?

Blue Ridge Martial Arts in Forest, VA

We’ve combined the best of martial arts into one easy-to-learn, highly effective, program for adults and children of all ages.

Our students develop healthy self-confidence (not boastful or bullying) along with self-discipline, focus, and respect for others.

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The Family That Kicks
Together, Sticks Together

It may sound corny, but it’s true.

Blue Ridge Martial Arts is a family school.

From Verbal Defense and Situational Awareness to Anti-Abduction and a Bully Action Plan,  let our certified instructors teach you and your family how to stay safe.

What We teach.

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Martial Arts

We focus on the proven skills that are easiest to master from all of the major martial arts systems, not just one style.

martial arts classes in forest, va


Unlike martial arts theory-based self-defense, we teach evidence-based self-defense from law-enforcement training.

martial arts classes in forest, va


Kickboxing is not only great for getting into top shape, but the skills are easy to learn and powerful.

martial arts classes in forest, va


Learning a weapon increases a students’ coordination and dexterity. We use the Rubber Nunchucku for safety.

Who we teach.

Little Dragons

Our martial arts for children is ideal because it’s easier to learn than traditional martial arts.

Every class has a Life Skill theme so that we’re building strong children physically and mentally. 

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Kids and Family

Popular culture is a strong influence.

We work to counter the negative messages kids see daily. 

Students learn self-defense against physical, mental, and emotional threats.

martial arts classes for teens in forest va

Teens & Adults

All students learn the highly effective skills of Martial Arts and Self-Defense.

These are the same systems and methods that the Police Academy teaches cadets for Fitness, Fighting, and Self-Defense. 


Birthday Parties

Parents can sit back as our instructors lead the children in fun games and a quick martial arts class where your child gets to break a board in front of the class.

The party ends when the birthday child cuts the cake with a real samurai sword!

Why choose us?

Our program is a blend of Martial Arts and Martial Science.

Learn ONLY What Works

We teach only what has proven to work in self-defense and sport martial arts.

Build Confidence Fast

Our curriculum builds confidence fast because we teach a program that students can “Master Faster.”

Get Fit Faster

Each class has strength, flexibility, and conditioning segments to make sure you’re improving your fitness level.

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Learn Faster

The most effective martial arts skills are the most basic. We help you master the basics quickly without the complexity, ritual, or padded curriculum found in traditional martial arts.

Martial Arts Life Skills

We honor and uphold the values of respect and courtesy that are often associated with martial arts.

We go a few steps further by including a complete Martial Arts Life Skills Curriculum as part of each class.

this is why we do what we do

“Everyone is just awesome, very attentive to every child! They are just what we were looking for both our grandchildren ages 5 and 7 in teaching Respect, Discipline, and building Self Esteem!! We couldn’t be happier with all the staff ❤️.”
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John Graden

Executive Director
Martial Arts Teachers’ Association

“I’m proud to announce that Sidney Burns of Blue Ridge Martial Arts in Forest, VA is the 2018 Martial Arts Teachers’ Associations’ Instructor of the Year. Congratulations and well deserved!”

Becky Realer


“Our family has been enrolled for several years now. My children learn self-confidence, discipline, and respect. My wife and I learn patience and have fun. We all get a great workout. Best school of its type. A++”

Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy

14805 Forest Rd, Suite 223
Forest, VA 24551